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  Fathers Day in UK


  Fathers Day in UK is celebrated in much the same way as it is celebrated in US. In UK too, Fathers Day festival is celebrated on the third Sunday of June and therefore the date of the festival is never fixed. People celebrate the occasion by honoring their father and expressing affection for them by presenting popular gifts like cards, flowers, chocolates and neckties. Little children often give handmade gifts to their dad.


  Several clubs, schools and cultural societies in United Kingdom organize Father’s Day parties and get-togethers and provide people an opportunity to celebrate the day. Games and fun-filled add joy to such celebrations.


  It may also be noted that Fathers Day festival has been commercialized in England to a great extent. Days before the festival marketers launch an aggressive advertising campaign to lure people and cash in on the sentimental value of the occasion.


  Though critics are very much against rude commercialization many people feel that marketing of the festival helps to create awareness about the day and therefore strengthen the bond of love shared between father and a child.



  Clank your perseverance and hard bone is an example I will never, I learned from there to exert your strength, through frustration, to success, Dad, you are my role model, I love you!


  Give you unlimited gratitude and warm wishes, there are many memories and deep feelings that the thoughts. Because you are very kind-hearted, it is difficult to form words, I wish you a Happy Fathers Day!


  Dad, you are the best!


  Dad, please embrace me once again!


  Dad, I hate to preach, to tell me how to become rich!


  Dad, this is our most precious memories and understanding!


  Dad, are you the most in my mind the great!


  The father of all the world would like to be able to cherish the real mother of all the world to become one of their arms to support each other. Dad, thank you for everything I do, I will redouble our efforts to study and work to repay your upbringing, I love you. Today is Fathers Day, I am deeply bless you a happy holiday!

  愿天下所有的父亲都能够真正的珍爱天下所有的母亲,成为她们相互支撑的一个臂膀。 ·爸爸,感谢您为我做的一切,我一定会加倍努力工作学习来报答您的养育,我爱您。今天是父亲节,我深深的祝福您节日快乐!

  Fathers teachings, like a lamp, to illuminate the future for me; fathers care as an umbrella for wind and rain I am obscure. I wish you a Happy Fathers Day! !


  Dad, you will always be in my heart the most type, the best father, I wish you a Happy Fathers Day! !


  I wish my father and I accomplished a very happy holiday season, you will always be the idol of my heart - is the star as characters!


  Dear Dad, you have always cherished the memory of childhood to take me to the park to play, when your big hand, so strong, thank you for my training, I wish a happy Fathers Day!


  About ray breeze for you, God bless the father of a healthy and happy! His hard work is only now you also have to let me because you feel better world.


  Father, there are always many ways I stay happy, the father is always most concerned about one of my father I love you! I wish his father happy!


  Whenever I think of you very proud, is to motivate you at all times I have been forging ahead. In this special festival, I bless you!


  Your pay, your hope, only for our growth. Thank you, Dad.


  The annual day you, in the absence of time around I hope that too happily every seconds. Father, worked hard!


  Pay ones respects to gently say to my heart like a blessing into the warmth of the sun, the eternal places to stay in your eyes, mind you.


  I will remember forever, in my hands on the shoulders, the wind from the time how warm; forever I will remember that I grew up with back, with your years of happiness into my worry-free! Dad wishes a happy holiday!


  Cui Wei of the number of mountains can not outline your Wei; how many years can not be extraordinary portrait of the wind out of your face, Father, I thank you all for me. Happy Fathers Day! xzhufu.com


  Understand their childrens father is smart.


  Dad, you let me have a wider sky, let me see you higher and farther.


  Desertification thoughts to the hearts of countless blessings unlimited silently pray for you, and I wish you health and happiness!


  Dad, Ill give you got to hear that you like the song, I wish the old man happy!


  [有声] Fathers Day 父亲节的由来与习俗

  Fathers Day is celebrated all around the world to say thank you to dads. An old English proverb tells how important fathers are. It says: “A father is more than a hundred schoolmasters.” Many of us perhaps think our father is even more important. There is no age limit for the person saying thank you, nor for the dad. There is no universal date when every country celebrates Father’s Day. In many countries it is on the third Sunday in June. Most fathers receive presents and cards and perhaps even a special dinner. The day has a special punctuation point. The apostrophe is placed before the ‘s’. This means we all think about our own father. Of course, if the apostrophe was placed after the ‘s’, we would be honouring all the fathers in the world.

  Father’s Day historians believe the day started in Washington state in the USA. A lady called Sonora Dodd was sitting in church one Sunday in 1909, listening to a sermon on Mother’s Day. She decided it was only fair to also have a day for fathers. In 1910, she arranged a special church service to say thank you for own father. The idea took off very slowly. U.S. Presidents. from Calvin Coolidge in 1926 to Richard Nixon in 1972, supported the idea. Nixon started the permanent official Fathers Day in June, 1972. Today it is a major holiday. It has become extremely commercialized, which is good and bad. The shops are so full of Father’s Day stuff, it is almost impossible to forget when the day is.



  1909年,住在美国华盛顿州士波肯市(Spokane)的杜德夫人(Mrs. Dodd, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd),当她参加完教会举办的母亲节主日礼拜之后,杜德夫人的心里有了很深的感触,她心里想着:“为什么这个世界没有一个纪念父亲的节日呢?”

  杜德夫人的母亲在她十三岁那一年时去世,遗留下六名子女;杜德夫人的父亲威廉斯马特先生(Mr. William Smart),在美国华盛顿州东部的一个乡下农场中,独自一人、父兼母职抚养六名子女长大成人。斯马特先生参与过美国南北战争,功勋标榜,他在妻子过世后立志不再续弦,全心带大六名儿女。


  1909 年那年,正好是斯马先生辞世之年,当杜德夫人参加完教会的母亲节感恩礼拜后,她特别地想念父亲;直到那时,杜德夫人才明白,她的父亲在养育儿女过程中所付出的爱心与努力,并不亚于任何一个母亲的辛苦。

  杜德夫人将她的感受告诉教会的瑞马士牧师(Rev. Rasmus),她希望能有一个特别的日子,向伟大的斯马特先生致敬,并能以此纪念全天下伟大的父亲。

  瑞马士牧师听了斯马特先生的故事后,深深地为斯马特先生的精神与爱心所感动,他赞许且支持杜德夫人想推动“父亲节”的努力。于是杜德夫人在 1910 年春天开始推动成立父亲节的运动,不久得到各教会组织的支持;她随即写信向市长与州政府表达自己的想法与提议,在杜德夫人的奔走努力下,士波肯市市长与华盛顿州州长公开表示赞成,于是美国华盛顿州便在 1910 年 6 月 19 日举行了全世界的第一次父亲节聚会。

  1924年,美国总统科立芝(Calvin Coolidge)支持父亲节成为全美国的节日;1966 年,美国总统詹森(Lyndon Johnson)宣布当年 6 月第 3 个星期日,也就是斯马特先生的生日月份为美国父亲节;1972 年,美国总统尼克森(Richard Nixon)签署正式文件,将每年的六月第三个周日,订为全美国的父亲节,并成为美国永久性的国定纪念日。

  在1966 年,总统林顿?约翰逊(Lyndon Johnson)签署了总统令,宣布每年6月的第三个星期日为父亲节。父亲节这一天已成为不仅自己的父亲, 还有言行如父的所有男子——包括继父、叔父、伯父、伯、舅父、祖父、外祖父以及成年男性朋友——受到荣耀的节日父亲节的正式节花是白玫瑰或红玫瑰。达德夫人建议人们,在父亲节那天,为荣耀已故去的父亲佩戴白玫瑰,为荣耀健在的父亲佩戴红玫瑰。




















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