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1. We had a long __________ (讨论 )about the plan.

2. Driving on mountain roads always makes me __________ (紧张).

3. I __________ (写 )her several letters, hut she didnt reply.

4. He introduced his lovely daughter to the guests __________ (高兴地 )

5. I couldnt decide __________(是否)or not to go to the party.

1. Why not _______(煮) some noodles for supper?

Good idea!

2. Which ________(季节)do you like best?


3. Your classroom is very __________(干净的).

We sweep the floor twice a day.

4. I like listening to English ________(歌曲).

So do I

1.Frank loves playing basketball and practices _______(两次) a week.

2.Peter’s dream is to ________ (进入) a medical college in the future.

6. Would you like some more noodles?

No, thanks. I am ________(饱的).

7. It is __________(礼貌的)to wait in line.

8. Mother said to her little daughter, “You are old enough to look after_________(你自己).”

10. My teacher often told me to pay ________(注意)to my spelling while I was writing.

1.The Internet makes our life nicer,_______(容易的) and more colorful than before.

2.A high-speed railway ________(在……之间)Beijing and Shanghai will be in use soon.

3.Sue, what did you do last Sunday?

I _______(买) a birthday present for my dad.

4.Nancy, I can’t understand the meaning of this word.

Please look it up in your _________(字典).

5.Would you please _______(邮寄) the letter for me? With pleasure.

5. Zhou Gu was _________(采访)by the local newspaper.

6.There are ______(五十二)weeks in a year.

7.The doctor gave him some medicine for his serious ______(疾病)。

4.Please help _______(你自己) to some fish, Tom. Don’t be so shy.

5.Man can’t live ________(没有) water, so we must make good use of it.

6.Please listen to the speaker _________(仔细地) when he (she) speaks.

7.She is such a pleasant and ___________(有帮助的)girl that we all like her.

8.The foreign teachers in our school are from Germany, they are ________(德国人). 】

4. A _______ (四月) is the fourth month of a year.

5. Li Lei is going to be an _____(工程师) when he grows up.

6. I believe you will _________(成功) if you don’t give up.

7. This skirt doesn’t fit me, please give me _____(又一的)one.

8. I feel _____(坚定地)that you’ve made the wrong decision.

9. We hope you can ______(提供) us with some information about shopping online.

1.The boy left the room with_________(眼泪) in his eyes.

2.Its________(浪费) to throw away glass, paper and metal.

3.Tony sits_________(在……之间) Lucy and Lily.

4.Youd better speak_______(大声). I cant hear a word from the back.

5.Tom will hear from his parents this__________(星期二)。

6.My English teacher always________(鼓励) me to speak more English in class.

7.My daughter is looking forward to___________(收集) more stamps.

1. The speaker raised his voice, so we could ______(听见) him.

2. The man standing over there is _______(我们的) chemistry teacher.

3. Without glasses, he couldn’t see the words on the blackboard ________(清楚地).

4. He failed his job interview again, and he felt really________( with no hope) about the future.

5. There are so many students playing basketball in the __________(a place for students to play on).

4. We should____________ (洗) our hands before meals.

5. The girl is a little ____(害羞). She is afraid to speak in public.

6. Bobs birthday is in ______(三月) .

7. We cant ___________(投掷) stones at the window.

8. Mary has a _____________(白色) dress.

9. I think its best to travel to Harbin in___________(冬天).

10. I bought a new____________(雨伞) in the shop last weekend.

1.Which ________(部分) of the town do you live in?

2.Tom has the ___________(能力) to do the work.

3.The whole house _________(震动)during the earthquake on that day.

5.The plane will take off ________(不久).


1. Rose went to the seaside and enjoyed ____________(她) the day before yesterday.

2. My sister studies hard, she often finishes her homework _________(容易).

3. As we know,__________(吸烟) is a bad habit, it’s not good for ou health.

4. I like lots of vegetables, such as cabbages, carrots and __________(西红柿).

5. Many Chinese students have come to realize the ________(重要) of learning English.


1. I am going to have a ______(蛋糕) for lunch.

2. There is a ______(钢笔) in the box.

3. Jim was ______(幸运的) to get a chance to study in America.


1. We should pay attention to our behavior and try to be good ______.(公民)

2. The old woman walked ______(穿过) the road carefully.

3. Kathy always makes ______ (少)mistakes than the other students in her class.

4. For some ______(未知的) reason, Sam moved to Japan.

5. One of the secrets of our success is to believe in ______.(我们)


1. light___________ (音乐) makes people relaxed.

2. Most children like___________ (甜的)food.

3. He spends more than an hour___________ (锻炼) every day.

4. You can ask me for help___________ ( 无论何时) are in trouble.

5. After the accident, she could___________ (几乎不) speak.


1.Excuse me, whats the ________(价格) of this alarm clock?

2.My brother always_________(刷) his teeth after meals.

3.He knows a lot about __________(西方)culture.

4.Do you know what you said has great__________(影响)on me?

5.I wish to __________(创造)a wonderful cartoon character for the children.

6.Many art __________(珍品)will be on display in this exhibition.


1.It’s my cousin’s_______ (第二十三个)birthday next week.

2. August is the _______(最热)month in Suzhou, isn’t it?

3. Excellent teachers are usually _______ (感兴趣) in their students.

4.The Great Wall of China is one of the _______ (奇迹) of the world.

5. Do you know the difference _______ (在….之间)”beside” and “besides”.

6.We visit the home for the elderly _______ (一次) a month.

7. Have you ever _______ (写) a letter to your parents?

8. Would you like to _______ (分享) your experiences with me.

9. This book is of great _______ (价值) to beginners.

10. _______ (实际上),we still have a lot more to learn.

二十四,请根据所给首字母或中文提示,写出单词在句中的正确形式。每空只能填一词,将单词完整地写在答题卡上。(2011年广西桂林) ...


7. What’s the weather like today?

It’s _________ (热的).

8. I _________ (热爱) my hometown and the people there.

9. Sunday is the _________ (第一) day of a week.

10. Last summer holiday, my teacher _________ (介绍) Joy to me, and now we are close friends. 二十五.根据句意和首字母或汉语提示,写出单词的正确形式(2011年山东泰安)

3. Jack is so smart that he can answer these questions ______________ (容易地) .

4. Both of my best friends were born in ______________ (十月) .

5. People will use robots to do the ______________ (家务) in the future.

二十六. 根据下面各题括号内的汉语,结合句子的要求,在答题卡的横线上写出恰当形式的英语单词,每一横线上只准写一个单词。(2011年广东肇庆)

1. The girl learns to play the violin on every _____ (星期二) evening.

2. On holidays, tourists like to go to Dinghu Mountain because of the _____ (新鲜的) air.

3. My sister _____ (花费) more than four thousand yuan for her iPhone 4.

4. The two _____ (熊猫)“Tuantuan”and“Yuanyuan”were warmly welcomed when they arrived in Taiwan.

5. In modern_____ (社会), science technology has developed rapidly.

二十七. 根据句意及所给中文提示或英文解释,写出句中所缺单词。(2011年江苏宿迁)

1. Children in the west usually wear (特殊的) costumes with masks at Halloween.

2. Zhang Shaohan has a sweet (嗓音), and many of us like listening to her songs.

3. People around the world love (和平) and hate wars.

4. As we know, (星期一) is the second day of a week.

5. Sorry, I didn’t follow you. Would you please speak more (清楚地)?

7. Peter’s father is very (not free), so he does not have much time for his family.

二十八.根据句意和所给的中文提示,写出句子中的单词 。(2011年四川德阳)

1. Collecting stamps is one of my __________(爱好).

2. It’s not __________(礼貌的)to talk with your mouth full.

3. I think the telephone was __________(发明)in 1876.

4. China is getting richer and stronger in the new __________(世纪).

5. We’ll be able to finish the project _________(容易).


A. 根据句意和所给的中文提示,写出句子中的单词 。

1. After three __________(星期) holiday, we came back to work.

2. Walking on the beach makes you feel___________.(放松)

3. Ten people were killed in the traffic accident, _______(包括) two babies.

4. Sally became a member of the company after the job_________ .(面试)

5. Thanks to the Internet, people in the ___(现代)world are much closer to each other. 答案:1. weeks’ 2.relaxed 3. including 4. interview 5.modern

6. less 7.tastes 8. immediately 9. suggests/ shows 10. discovered


1. The young man with glasses teaches _________(我们) Chinese.

2. Will you please pass me a___________ (杯) of tea?

3. Your coat is green, but mine is _________(红色的).

4. We had to stay _______(在) home last Sunday, for it was raining all day.

5. He _______(做) his homework late last night.

6. Both of the two girls look_________(像) their father.

7. There are many_________ (公园) in Hangzhou.

8. Whos ___________(高), Lucy or Lily?

9. They go to________(上班) at eight every day.

10. Ann had her_____________ (十) birthday in China. She felt very happy.


1. It’s reported that an(n) ________(飞机场) will be built in Shiyan soon.